fubbles // function scribbles

fubbles // function scribbles

June 20, 2020
software, drawing, live coding

Research into drawing as an interface for creating live-codeable functions in real time.

First presented at Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces: performance & craft. in 2020. The talk is available online here. Explored through the on-the-fly research residency at hangar.org in Barcelona, Spain (2022).

Experiments with samples and melodies #

bespoke modular DAW #

Ryan Challinor saw the talk and created a “fubbles modulator” as part of bespoke modular DAW.

Presented at the workshop Hybrid Interfaces: drawing and code, Algopolis, ljudmila hacklab, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2022),

Live performances using fubbles and the freesound API #

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