hydra video synth

[2023] browser-based, software, live coding, hydra Live-codeable video synth and networked coding environment that runs in the browser

Hybrid Interfaces: drawing and code

[2022] workshop, drawing, hydra Workshop Hybrid Interfaces: drawing and code, Algopolis, ljudmila hacklab, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2022).


[2021] browser-based, hydra Web gallery of collectible code sketches, auto-generated for each donation to hydra video synth.


[2020] software, hydra, drawing hybrid code and graphics editor


[2019] live coding, performance, visuals, hydra The dreams of a machine as it falls apart.


[2019] sound, hydra Set of experiments using pixel colors to control musical patterns.

hydra internet garden

[2019] browser-based, hydra ever-growing community database of resources, projects, tutorials, and code related to hydra video synth