hydra video synth

browser-based, software, live coding, hydra Ongoing investigation into the aesthetics of distributed networks, feedback, collaboration, and chaos in live performance/on the internet.


[2016] browser-based, software, sound Browser-based synthesizer for creating sounds from images and drawings, programmed using javascript and Web Audio.

[2021] browser-based, hydra Web gallery of generative code sketches.

Live Lab

[2016] software, browser-based open source, browser-based toolkit for networked performance, that uses a peer-to-peer mesh network to share video, audio, and data streams between individuals and venues.

Selfie Apocalypse

[2015] browser-based A set of experiments + gif generator, creating using javascript + webRTC and custom shaders in the browser.

Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

[2014] browser-based, cartography, data-visualization, museum Created a series of maps as part of the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, a data-visualization and digital storytelling collective working to document the housing crisis in San Francisco, California.

hydra internet garden

browser-based, hydra ever-growing community database of resources, projects, tutorials, and code related to hydra video synth

maps for getting lost

data-visualization, browser-based, cartography Generative and self-destructive streetmaps drawn into the browser.