hydra video synth

[2023] browser-based, software, live coding, hydra Live-codeable video synth and networked coding environment that runs in the browser

fubbles // function scribbles

[2020] drawing, live coding Research into drawing as an interface for creating live-codeable functions in real time.


[2016] browser-based, software, sound Browser-based synthesizer for creating sound from images and drawings. Inspired by the ANS synthesizer created by Evgeny Murzin in 1937.

[2021] browser-based, hydra Web gallery of collectible code sketches, auto-generated for each donation to hydra video synth.

Live Lab

[2016] software, browser-based open source, browser-based toolkit for networked performance, that uses a peer-to-peer mesh network to share video, audio, and data streams between individuals and venues.